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"Rave. Creative Irruptions" Unleashes a Symphony of Artistic Expression at Miami Art Week

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Nov 28, 2023

Navigating the Uncharted: Artistic Visions Collide in the Soul of Little Haiti

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, November 28, 2023 / -- Miami Art Week, renowned for uniting art, culture, and innovation, serves as a global focal point for artistic exchange. With the prestigious Art Basel acting as its anchor, this annual occasion attracts artists, collectors, and enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Amidst this exuberant tapestry of creative exploration, MIA Curatorial Projectsproudly presents its final exhibition of 2023, "Rave: Creative Irruptions," curated by Dr. Milagros Bello. An opening reception and VIP Cocktail with Guided Tour is scheduled for Monday, December 4, starting 7 pm at MIA Curatorial Projects Gallery, 395 NW 59th Street, Little Haiti, Miami.

Rave. Creative Irruptions' invites viewers to experience the intentional and motivational force that drives artistic creation — Milagros Bello, Ph.D.

The exhibition's title, 'Rave: Creative Irruptions,' is derived from the concept of 'rave' as an elevated state of consciousness and artistic vitality. Grounded in the transformative influence of electronic music and dance culture, 'rave' encapsulates a collective outpouring of creativity and self-expression. In the eyes of Dr. Bello, 'rave' functions as a symbol for the inner drive that compels artists to shape materials into innovative new art forms.

MIA Curatorial Project's final exhibition of 2023 invites viewers to experience the intentional and motivational force that drives artistic creation," says Dr. Milagros Bello. "It serves as a source of inspiration, a thematic framework, and a means to explore philosophical or aesthetic ideas. The show is a celebration of the multidimensional realms of 'rave' in contemporary artistic creation." Dr. Bello explains that "creation implies a navigation through the unnamed realm of the spirit, highlighting the transcendental nature of the artistic process."

In the context of Little Haiti's rich cultural heritage, this sentiment takes on a special significance as artists navigate uncharted territories to express the essence of their innermost selves. Dr. Bello emphasizes the daring nature of art, summarizing, "Art requires a daring action to breakthrough the walls of communication."

Curatorially selected artists, including Eliana Barbosa, Magaly Barnola Otaola, Ricardo Carbonell, Francisca Castaño, Francisco Ceron,Sergio Cesario, Sylvia Constantinidis, Mercedes Inaudi, Matt Jacobs, Karina Matheus, Clark Medley, Rafael Montilla, Lucila Perez Pesado, Alexis Rivero, Beatriz Sánchez, and Raul A. Vargas, will present a variety of art expressions emanating from their inner "rave" drive. The vibrant colors, rhythmic patterns, and diverse narratives found in Little Haiti manifest in the exhibition's diverse expressions—figurative to abstract, painting to performance. Little Haiti serves not just as a backdrop but as an active collaborator in the artistic conversation, where the boundaries blur, and the gallery space becomes an extension of the community.

Dr. Bello encourages art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of "Rave: Creative Irruptions" during Miami Art Week/Art Basel Season 2023, where the exhibition promises to be a beacon of contemporary artistic expression.

For more information about the exhibition, please contact Dr. Milagros Bello at or follow MIA Curatorial Projects' on social media platforms.

Event Details:

Exhibition Title: Rave. Creative Irruptions / Miami Art Week / Art Basel Season 2023

Curator: Dr. Milagros Bello, Ph.D.

Venue: MIA Curatorial Projects Gallery

Address: 395 NW 59th Street, Little Haiti, Miami

Exhibition Dates: December 4 - December 28, 2023

VIP Cocktail. Guided Tour: December 4, 7 pm

“Oriol/Primal” by Alexis Rivero Performance Art Event: December 15, 7 pm

“Mystique.” A Multimedia Art Immersive Concert by Sylvia Constantinidis: December 21, 7 pm

Closing Reception and Master Lecture on Art Basel 2023 by Dr. Milagros Bello: December 28, 7 pm

Admission: Free

For more informartion, contact

Sol MilanoMIA Curatorial Projects

+1 786-357-0568

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