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Aug 30, 2023

Exploring Transformative Artistic Expression in Little Haiti, Miami

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, August 30, 2023/ / -- MIA CURATORIAL PROJECTS, the dynamic hub nurturing emerging and mid-career contemporary artists, is thrilled to present its landmark 5th group exhibition of the year. Opening this Saturday, September 2, “Delirium. Tensional Continuum,” curated by the esteemed Dr. Milagros Bello, will grace the walls of their multidisciplinary gallery in the vibrant heart of Little Haiti, Miami.

“We’re proud to spotlight artists whose contributions have become an integral part of Miami’s cultural fabric and art scene.”— Dr. Milagros Bello

“Delirium. Tensional Continuum” takes the concept of delirium as a captivating framework for interpreting contemporary art. Renowned for her expertise in the realm, Dr. Milagros describes delirium as “a transformative and disruptive force within artistic expression.” The exhibition offers a lens through which artists explore the confines of reality and societal norms. Spanning an array of mediums – from painting and sculpture to installation, video, and digital art – each artwork in the exhibition reflects the artist’s dialogue with delirium. This artistic tool is used to liberate from conventions, question reality, and delve into the intricate layers of the human imagination.

Established as a key player in Miami’s contemporary art landscape, MIA Curatorial Projects, under the guidance of Dr. Bello, assembles breathtaking artworks from international artists. These creators showcase their latest endeavors in contemporary paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, and digital prints.

The “Delirium. Tensional Continuum” exhibition brings together a carefully chosen collective of 20th-century artists, enriching the diverse range of perspectives. As it enters its 13th year of existence, evolving from its origins as Curator’s Voice Art Projects, MIA Curatorial commits to unveiling inner and outer worlds through fragmented narratives, diffracted visuals, and abstracted images.

MIA Curatorial Director Dr. Bello shared, “This exhibition and its artists promise to be more captivating and immersive than ever before. We’re proud to spotlight these artists whose contributions have become an integral part of Miami’s cultural fabric and art scene.”

As a testament to the gallery’s commitment to engagement, “Delirium. Tensional Continuum” will feature unique programming, conversations, and events throughout the month, creating an immersive and entertaining experience for all attendees.

Selected artists for this exhibition are Eliana Barbosa, Magaly Barnola Otaola, Rosario Bond, Sergio Cesario, Francisco Ceron, Meg Cogburn, Sylvia Constantinidis, GRAS, Mercedes Inaudi, Clark Medley, Rafael Montilla, Wuilfredo Soto, Lorien Suarez, Raul Vargas.

In line with the gallery’s dedication to engagement, “Delirium. Tensional Continuum” will host unique programming, conversations, and events throughout the month. This immersive experience aims to entertain and enlighten attendees.

Event Details:

• Exhibition: Delirium. Tensional Continuum

• Venue: MIA Curatorial Projects Gallery

• Address: 395 NW 59th Street, Little Haiti, Miami

• Exhibition Dates: September 2 - September 24

• VIP Cocktail. Guided Tour: September 2, 7 pm

• Art Talk with Curator and Artists. Performance Presentation

• Private Art and Gourmet Dinner with art lovers and artists: September 14

• Sunday Art Brunch and closing of the show. Performance Presentation: September 24

• Curator: Dr. Milagros Bello

• Admission: Free

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Sol Milano

MIA Curatorial Projects

+1 786 357 0568

MIA CURATORIAL PROJECTS MISSION: MIA Curatorial Projects, led by Miami-based curator Dr. Milagros Bello, is dedicated to curatorial projects in Contemporary Art. MIA Curatorial Projects, born in January 2021 from the evolution of Curator’s Voice Art Projects after the pandemic, has been a consistent presence since its inception in 2010. It collaborates with emergent, mid-career, and established artists, also nurturing young talents. Over the years, MIA Curatorial Projects has presented curated group and solo exhibitions, participated in national and international art fairs, and showcased in prestigious institutional venues such as the European Cultural Center in Venice, Italy (2017, 2019, 2022).

MIA Curatorial Projects

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