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About Sergio Cesario

Sergio Cesario, photo by Silvio Lima

Sergio Cesario, an American-Brazilian abstract artist, currently spliting his time between Portugal and the United States. redefines fine arts photography through innovation. His distinct technique of digitally drawing, painting, and manipulating photographs results in vibrant, abstract dreamlike images. A member of IAA/AIAP, Cesario holds a Master of Arts degree in Journalism from NYU.

Formerly a news anchor for platforms in Brazil and the USA, including Bloomberg TV, he ventured into digital art inspired by post-humanism and abstract expressionism. Cesario's work challenges perceptions, blending traditional photography with nonfigurative art. Repurposing photos and AI images, he recreates ambiguous, bold pieces, questioning stigmas. Using digital painting and modern prints, he enhances depth and color vibrancy, inspiring others to embrace creativity while reflecting on important issues. His international recognition includes exhibitions in Miami, Milan, New York, São Paulo, and Barcelona.

Cesario showcased at the Biennial of the European Cultural Centre in Venice and received the Artistic Achievement Certificate from The Pinacothèque Museum of Luxembourg. In a world of turmoil, Cesario's art transcends boundaries, providing intimate reflections on society's future through playful experimentation.


“As a digital artist exploring the intersection between technology and humanity, my work addresses global issues and inequalities, highlighting the "invisible aspects" of human experience through a lens of post-humanist concepts; my aim is to create a sense of wonder and curiosity that inspires viewers to critically examine their own lives and the world, ultimately contributing to positive social change.”


New York University

Master of Arts – Broadcasting Journalism

Graduate School of Arts and Science

selected group exhibition


Apr. 20 — Nov. 24: America: Land of Dreams • European Cultural Centre's Personal Structures, in the context of the 60th edition of La Biennale di Venezia, Italy

Apr. 10 — Apr. 17: 6th Annual Art + Stroll • Juried Exhibition, BFA, Ft. Lauderdale (juried by Lisa Burgess)

Feb. 2 – Apr. 20: New Age Exhibition • Naturalist Art Gallery, (curated by Gavin Coates) • New York, NY 

Dec 4 (2023) — Jan. 26: Human X Machina • MIFA, Miami International Fine Arts (curated by 

Luis Valenzuela) • Miami, FL


Nov 26 — Dec 21: Rave. Creative Irruptions • MIA Curatorial, Miami FL (curated by dr. Milagros Bello)
Nov 10:  Collecting, Recycling, Repurposing. Saving the Planet, Swing for the Planet Art Gallery, JQ Foundation | ECODAR, Miami Shores Club FL
Oct 10  — Nov 11: Embodying Masonic Values, Masonic Library & Museum of Pennsylvania (juried exhibition), Philadelphia, PA
Sept 2  — Sept 24: Delirium. Tensional Continuum • MIA Curatorial, Miami FL (curated by Dr. Milagros Bello)
Jul 8 — Sept 30: All Media 2023 • Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine CA (juried exhibition)
Jul 15 — Aug 14: Intercrossing Flashes in Current Art • MIA Curatorial, Miami, FL USA (curated by Dr. Milagros Bello)
Jun 3 — Jun 25: Trans-Relational Asymmetries • MIA Curatorial, Miami, FL USA (curated by Dr. Milagros Bello)
Apr 15 — May 14:  Contraventions • MIA Curatorial, Miami, FL USA (curated by Dr. Milagros Bello)

Feb 21 — Mar 20: Diversia – Wetlands, World Wetlands Day • UN Calendar Exhibition, Toronto, ON Canada (curated by Exhibizone)


Dec 28 Brain Cake • Gaudì Room - Casa Milà - La Pedrera, Barcelona, Spain (curated by M.A.D.S. Gallery)

Nov 26 — Dec 26: Delectables And Not • Art Basel Season, MIA Curatorial, Miami FL (curated by Dr. Milagros Bello)

Jun 28 — Jul 4: Visceral • Milan, Italy (curated by M.A.D.S. Gallery)

Jun 2 — Jun 30: 50 and Older Golden Online Art Exhibition • Las Laguna Art, Laguna Beach CA

May 15 — Jun 5: Ferments • MIA Curatorial, Miami FL (curated by Dr. Milagros Bello)

May 14 — Jun 4: 50th Annual Melvin Gallery Art Exhibition • The Lakeland Art Guild, Lakeland FL

Apr 28 — Jul 28: New Generations • International Art Award, Miami FL

Apr 10 — Nov 27: Americans, Current Imaginaries • ECC Personal Structures in the context of the 59th Venice Art Biennale Venice, Italy


Nov 28 — Dec 19: Concurrences | Oblique Views • Art Basel Week, MIA Curatorial, Miami FL
Sep 5 — Oct 30: Cross Aesthetics • MIA Curatorial, Miami FL

Awards and Honors


Artistic Achievement – The Pinacothèque, Luxembourg Art Prize (certificate)
Public Choice Award – Diversia – World Wetlands Day


Featured Exhibitor – NYC ArtWalk & Climate Museum of New York collaboration

Artistic Achievement – The Pinacothèque, Luxembourg Art Prize (certificate)

Finalist – International Art Award


Private Collection

Works held in private collections in the Australia, Brazil, Portugal and the United States


International Association of Art / Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques

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