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Milagros Bello

art curatort

"Sergio Cesario’s digitally post produced photographs are based on real architectural structures that he photographs, and over which he re-purposes his creative imaginary. Using software, the artist infuses the original scene with pictorial elements. Diluted colors, serpentine lines, space dissolutions, and scribbling lines serve to de-compose the vista into a fictional and dream-like scenario. Cesario transposes reality into invisible dimensions of intimate life experiences, visual reflections on existential states, and projections of inner introspections."

‭+1 (786) 357-0568‬

Ilaria Falchetti

art curator

Sergio Cesario's artworks are innovative and original. They provide new perspectives and points of view of the world, leading the viewer to leave behind a conventional view of his surroundings.

The artist proves to be very adept at manipulating images and rendering them in an artistc version. Each artwork conceals a story and is enigmatic and mysterious. Sergio provides the elements for interpretation but leaves it to the viewer to provide his own subjective version, thus creating new points of view.


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