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MIA Curatorial led by Miami-based curator Dr. Milagros Bello focuses on curatorial projects in Contemporary Art. It is a curatorial space/gallery working with emergent, mid-career artists, and established. 

MIA curatorial is also an incubator for young artists and rising stars.  Dr. Bello obtained a Doctorate in Sociology of Art, and a French master’s degree in art history, both at Sorbonne University. She teaches art at South Florida Universities.


America: Land of Dreams

Personal Structures: Beyond Boundaries

2024 Venice Biennial

Curated by Dr. Milagros Bello, MIA Curatorial Projects

Palazzo Bembo, Venice

From April 20 to November 24, 2024

America: Land of Dreams focuses on the intricate com­ plexity of artistic practices of the Americas and beyond, pointing to how the artists have creatively crystallized their creative experiences across different geographies. It reviews multifaceted aspects of the Human Condition, from reveries to apocalyptic, non­objective, and ab­ stract; the works project a vision of critical contemporary Humanity. Artists rooted in narratives of their native or di­ asporic territories, whose work in various mediums across different geographies, contribute to pressing questions of our time.


Rave. Creative Irruptions

Art Basel Season, Miami

A contemporary art exhibition - curated by Dr. Milagros Bello

MIA Curatorial Projects

From December 4 to December 21, 2023

The exhibition surveys the bliss, the rapture, and the frenzy that involves an artwork and its creative nature. Rave is a driving force that breaks through obstacles and barriers transforming a matter into an art piece. Rave as an inner furor that creates waves of energy and euphoria.

Delirium. Tensional Continuum

“Delirium. Tensional Continuum.” is a curated exhibition that delves into the concept of delirium as a conceptual framework for understanding contemporary art. Delirium, understood as a transformative and disruptive force within artistic expression. “Delirium. Tensional Continuum.” exhibition proposes a scope from which artists explore the boundaries of reality and human society. There are fragmented narratives, diffracted visuals, abstracted and disassembled images, as mirages of the current world, defining the multilayered projections of the artists and their inner and outer milieus.

The exhibition presents artworks that traverse various mediums, including painting, sculpture, installation, video, and digital art. Each piece reflects the artist’s engagement with delirium as an artistic tool to break away from societal norms, question the nature of reality, and dive into the recesses of the human creative mind.

Intercrossing Flashes in Current Art 

The purpose of the curated exhibit is to dismantle rigidity and enforce the diffraction and disruption present in the current visual arts. Art practices nowadays set new experimental trails igniting fracture and fragmentation towards openness and expectancy.

The exhibition displaces visual formats altering the circuit of images and their narratives, now perceived differently by the observer Artworks selected permeate particular views and personal contexts to advent experiential situations in the viewers who coalesce and commingle on human interactions. The exhibition sets for occurrences and divergences opposing and intercrossing topics and materials that usually contravene conventions.

The curator aims to de-objectify stagnant art beliefs and taboos, generating novel associations and dialogs. The keywords are Intercrossing. Dismantling. De-Objectifying.

Trans-Relational Asymmetries 

The TRANS-RELATIONAL ASYMMETRIES exhibition curated by Dr. Milagros Bello presented at MIA CURATORIAL PROJECTS gallery in Little Haiti, surveys the asymmetrical discrepancies in the art contemporary practices. It proposes dynamic visual disproportions between modern aesthetics and currents in art. Works revolve on their heterogeneity of visions, techniques, and materiality composing anti-dialogues in the space-tempora


The show extrapolates its meaning from Law to Art. It is proposed with the sense of trespassing conventions and patterns, opposing topics, genres, mediums, and materials breaching out from traditional conceptions. Works interacted in opposing visual dialogues from pure abstraction to metarreal neofigurative, sculpture to drawing. sound art to performance.

• Revisit the Exhibition here

Delectables And Not

The exhibition contraposes concepts of ethos and pathos as opposing forces of expressions interweaving delight and pleasure to abasement and abjection in which the works crisscross light and darkness, jubilation and tenebrosity. 


Exploring the creative combustion of artists, the exhibition delves into the profound transformative process of artistic creation, drawing a parallel between the concept of fermentation as a biological phenomenon and its dynamic manifestation within the realm of contemporary art. Departing from its conventional connotation, this exhibition positions "ferments" as a metaphorical space where the fermenting imagination of artists becomes a catalyst for the production of mythologies, aesthetics, and expressions that transcend the boundaries of tradition.

Just as fermenting microorganisms catalyze the transformation of matter, contemporary artists channel their inner creative ferment into a combustion of ideas, leading to personal mythologies and aesthetics that challenge established norms. 

Ferments exhibition deals with the rupture with academic cannons, and deliberately breakaway from the conventional, embracing experimentation as a crucible for the generation of new forms and art approaches. The participating artists, through their diverse practices, embody the essence of creative fermentation by igniting a fiery discourse between tradition and innovation.

The exhibition is a testament to the multifaceted nature of the creative process, which ferments and matures over time. Artists featured here engage with the ideological, social, and political concerns of our contemporary society, utilizing their artworks as vessels for thought-provoking stanzas that communicate layered narratives. 

Americans, Current Imaginaries 

The exhibition proposes a creative visual topography of artists of the Americas, shaping out expanded visions of the USA, the Central America, and the South America regions. With distinctive spirits and different points of departure, the group exposes diverse imaginaries of 21st century America. Each artist's expression exposes a work of a particular content that emerges from a personal mythology but also from a cultural territory. 

Art represents a complex visual tissue that summons inner and outer global and local dimensions of the artist. Weather figurative or abstract, art forms a magic outcome of visual accounts of the of eternal ties artist's experience crystalizing society.

Concurrences | Oblique Views 

The exhibition proposes a coalescence of mediums, topics, and approaches that reflect our rich contemporary times. The artworks are concurrent and make dialogues in contraposing and aesthetic collisions, sharing the same visual space. They also confirm the freedom of innovation in the artists, away from restrictive canons and academic sets.

The artworks manifest an expansive spirit in the context of these changing times—not only due to the ongoing pandemic and its sociological and cultural mutations, but also on the emerging new art perspectives where the NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are flowing into the markets and new buyers from the techno world are coming on board in an uncertain flow of money and investment. 

Cross Aesthetics

"Cross Aesthetics” in this exhibition is set as a cultural concept in contemporary art that delves into a new realm where topics, mediums, and materials interweave, redefining the boundaries of artistic expression. 

In a world characterized by fluidity and interconnectedness, the concept of cross aesthetics emerges as a powerful testament to the evolution of contemporary art. Artists today are breaking free from the confines of tradition and established norms, embracing a divergent attitude that propels them towards uncharted territories of artistic creation. As viewers step into this exhibition, they will be confronted with an array of works that traverse the boundaries of mediums and genres, inviting them to embark on a journey of discovery.

The contemporary artist's palette is a rich tapestry of cross-pollinated ideas, a convergence of themes and forms that challenge conventional notions of art. Through experimentation and a fearless willingness to transgress boundaries, artists are forging novel pathways of expression. The result is an immersive experience that transcends the sum of its parts.

"Cross Aesthetics” exhibition celebrates this transpositional approach, where established practices are reimagined and reinterpreted in the light of new possibilities. By embracing a diverse range of influences, artists are breathing fresh social, ideological, and personal concepts into their works. It's a confirmation of hybridity, where the juxtaposition of elements gives birth to entirely new visual languages, sparking reflections about past and present, tradition and innovation. The artworks challenge preconceived notions, beckoning the viewer to explore a multifaceted layer of meaning where topics collide, ideas converge, and boundaries dissolve.

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