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Transhumans featured at Venice Biennale

MIA Curatorial Projects

Feb 19, 2024

America: Land of Dreams

SAO PAULO - Feb. 19, 2024 PRLog - Brazilian emerging artist Sergio Cesario is set to captivate audiences with his thought-provoking "Transhuman Series" at the prestigious European Cultural Centre's (ECC) biennial exhibition, Personal Structures. This marks Cesario's second consecutive participation in this esteemed event, solidifying his position as a rising star in the art world. 

Curated by the renowned Dr. Milagros Bello, director and founder of MIA Curatorial Projects, Cesario's groundbreaking works will be prominently featured within the European Cultural Centre's biennial exhibition under the theme Americas: Land of Dreams. The eagerly anticipated exhibition will take place at the Palazzo Bembo in Venice from April 20th to November 24th, 2024.

The "Transhuman Series" comprises ten diptychs that explore the fusion of genetics and robotics, presenting figures transformed into futuristic robotic entities. Cesario's intention is to provoke contemplation on technology's impact on humanity and society as a whole. Through a meticulous combination of original photographs, public domain images, and AI-generated imagery, Cesario creates visually striking and intellectually stimulating artworks that invite viewers to reflect on the course of humanity in the digital age.

Of the ten diptychs in the series, two exceptional works titled "Transhuman Tronies of the Latter Days" have been selected for display: “The Prophet of the New World Order” and “The Forthcoming Mona Lisa.” These pieces depict politically charged characters embodying both positive and negative aspects of societal prototypes. "The Prophet" intricately weaves together opposing imagery to explore the ethical complexities arising from technological advancements. On the other hand, "The Forthcoming Mona Lisa" blends AI with digital painting to challenge traditional artistic boundaries.

Cesario's diptychs form a compelling narrative of duality, prompting contemplation on the evolving nature of human identity and potential. Their display at the 7th Biennial of the European Cultural Centre in Venice offers a unique opportunity for viewers to engage with these profound themes and experience Cesario's visionary artistry firsthand.

In addition to the MIA Curatorial Projects exhibition, Venice will host the 60th edition of the renowned Venice Biennale, which, for the first time in history, is curated by the Brazilian Adriano Pedrosa, under the theme Foreigners Everywhere.  This emblematic event will showcase a multitude of artistic voices from around the world, further enriching the cultural landscape of Venice in 2024.

Sergio Cesario, a Brazilian-born artist currently splitting his time between Portugal and the United States, envisions a future where humanity and technology converge through his digitally manipulated images. His work has garnered international recognition for its innovative approach and profound exploration of the human condition in the face of technological advancements.

MIA Curatorial Projects, based in Miami, is dedicated to promoting contemporary art and fostering cultural exchange. Led by Dr. Milagros Bello, this organization curates exhibitions, organizes cultural events, and facilitates collaborations between artists and institutions worldwide.

For further information about Sergio Cesario and his groundbreaking "Transhuman Tronies of the Latter Days" series, please visit Don't miss the chance to experience Cesario's visionary artistry at the European Cultural Centre's Personal Structures biennial exhibition.

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